Our process begins with the client.

We work to establish and understand your short and long term goals, tolerance for risk and current situation to build a custom plan.

Our team has decades of experience in the financial services field. We make sure to consider all options available by way of expertise and knowledge of the latest industry information and best practices. Our forward thinking and technology driven team makes the process easier for both you and your family.

Our Wealth Management Offerings

Financial Roadmap / Comprehensive Plan

  • A comprehensive and integrated plan looking at both value based and defined financial goals.
  • Your “game plan”

Progress Monitoring

  • Benchmarking and monitoring of investments coordinating both short and long term goals

Investment Management

  • Formulate portfolios that fit your objectives and risk tolerance
  • Use of strategic asset allocation including mutual funds, fixed income, equities, ETFs, and alternative investments
  • Monitor portfolios to meet individual goals
  • Meeting schedule designed for you or as needed to discuss progress and performance

Tax Coordination

  • Review of tax return and coordination with your tax preparer

Estate Planning

  • Review of estate plan documents and tax optimization.
  • Coordinate charitable gifting
  • Probate/distribution management

Cash Flow Management

  • We work with you to establish a view of both your current and future cash in and out flows to help you see where adjustments and savings need to be made.

Risk Management

  • We analyze and recommend needs and coverage gaps looking at property/casualty, excess liability, life, health and long term care.

Estate Management

  • Tax preparation coordination
  • Account Consolidation
  • Client Advocator and Mediator
  • Administration of Estate Distribution to heirs